Each service is customized to meet regulatory requirements and is reflective of the organization’s size, scope, and diversity. CCS team members identify your organization’s strengths and use them to address risks, rectify deficits, and develop systems.

Below is a sample of services provided. Please visit our contact page to inquire about a more detailed list.

Licensure and Certification:

CCS works with providers; from identifying expansion readiness to the first day of service provision. We serve as the primary point of contact for the provider with regulatory bodies, realtors and vendors.

  • Initial applications to include facility approvals
  • Re-Certification/ Licensure
  • Corrective Action Plan


CCS provides comprehensive and effective onsite or desk auditing of: systems, charts, policies, protocols and corrective action plans. We’ll help you create an effective system to demonstrate ongoing and operative implementation of required regulations and internal policies. Our team has developed instruments specifically for personalized recovery orientation services as well as a NYS outpatient clinic integrated audit that incorporates OMG 599 regulations, OMIG Medicaid requirements and Qualitative Measures for success.

  • Quantitative Chart Reviews
  • Qualitative Chart Reviews
  • Billing audits
  • Medical Necessity Reviews
  • HIPAA HITECH Risk Assessments (systems, facility, policy)
  • Workflow Evaluations
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews
  • OSHA Standards Assessments
  • NYS OMIG Compliance Plan Reviews
  • NYS OMIG Annual Self-Assessments
  • Programmatic Administrative Audits

Training and Education:

CCS provides customized training and education tailored to specific audiences. Training methods include live presentations, webinars, and/or self-taught handbooks. Pre and post testing is also offered in either web or paper format. CCS works to create a pool of internal trainers capable of not only topic specific content areas but utilization of all internal training modalities.

CCS has successfully developed, implemented, and/or reviewed training for: administrative staff, clinical staff, management, volunteers, contracted parties, vendors, and board of trustees. Feedback from our past trainings is available on our page.

Sample training topics:

  • HIPAA: Security and Privacy
  • Collaborative Documentation
  • Medicaid/Medicare Compliance
  • OSHA workplace Harassment
  • OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen
  • OSHA Fire and Safety
  • OCFS Mandated Reporter/ Justice Center
  • Document Destruction/Retention
  • Social Determinants of Health and Health Decision Making
  • Effective Communication in a Virtual Environment
  • Audit Ready Documentation
  • Treatment Planning a road map for the client
  • Communicating with Oversight Agencies
  • HCBS Implementations
  • Managing Physical Contact
  • Boundaries
  • Incident Management

Many others available upon request


Comprehensive documentation is the difference between compliance and fines, recoupment or penalties. We’ll help you develop documents that create the framework to build upon. Documentation topics include:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Self Assessments
  • Protocols
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Job Descriptions
  • Emergency Plans
  • Telephone Scripts
  • Forms

Systems Design:

CCS team works with clients to identify their system needs to better meet mandates.

  • Justice Center: Incident Review, Design, Implementation
  • IT: Utilization for Training and Education
  • EHR: Selection, Customization, Implementation

CCS Team experience implementing multiple Electronic Health Records to include but not limited to;






Precision Care

to include program setup, migration from paper to electronic charts, entitlements, and billing.

Corporate Compliance:

CCS team can function as your compliance department by providing the following services on an ongoing basis:

  • Anonymous reporting for OMIG, HIPAA, Sarbane Oxley, and OSHA
  • Incident Management, Investigation, and Reporting
  • Ongoing Clinical/ Billing Auditing